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Talent: TeamMember


Your favourites all under one roof!

Alaska Thunderfuck

RPDR Season 5  & Winner of All Stars Season 2

Drag World Artist Announcement 2019_edit


RPDR Season 2 & AS Season 2

Derrick Barry

RPDR Season 8 & AGT Season 3


Trixie Mattel

RDPR Season 7 & Winner of All Stars Season 3

Blair St. Clair

RPDR Season 10


Joe Black

Gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid tongued ringmaster.

Joe Black.jpg

Crystal Lubrikunt

International lip sync assassin & feel good performer


Amber Cadeverous

All Drag Is Valid

Amber Cadeverous

All Drag Is Valid

Amber Cadeverous

All Drag Is Valid

Amber Cadaverous.JPG

Miss Zodi

All Drag Is Valid

Miss Zodi21.jpg
Miss Zodi21.jpg

Miss Zodi

All Drag Is Valid

Luna Moon

All Drag Is Valid

Paul Aleksandr.PNG

Paul Aleksandr

All Drag Is Valid

Luna Moon.jpg

Phoenix Philia

All Drag Is Valid

Phoenix Philia.jpeg
Eva Cerration.jpg

Eva Cerration

All Drag Is Valid

Lucius Blac

All Drag Is Valid

Lucius Blac.jpeg

Phi Phi O'Hara

Competed on RPDR Season 4 & All Stars Season 2

Shea Couleé

RPDR Season 9

Cool Mom Solo.jpg

Jinkx Monsoon

Winner of RPDR Season 5

Violet Chachki

Winner of RPDR Season 7

Violet Chachki.jpg

Charity Kase

London's Mistress of Mischief

Trinity The Tuck

RPDR Season 9 & Winner of All Stars Season 4

Trinity Taylor.jpg

Latrice Royale

RPDR Season 4

Daniel Franzese

Comedian & Mean Girls Star

image (3).png

Ginger Minj

RPDR Season 7 & All Stars Season 2

Chiyo Gomes

WOOF: Redefining Sexy

Benjamin Butch-1.jpg

Benjamin Butch

WOOF: Redefining Sexy


Internet Reality Trash

BIBLEGIRL roses promo.jpg

Nebraska Thunderfuck

RuPaul's Marine Queen

image1 (16).jpeg

Ellis Atlantis

BBC's Glow Up Winner


Kat Wilderness

Model, Dancer & Impersonator

Kitty Scott Claus

TuckShop Performer

Copy of Copy of don3 (1).png

Donna Trump

TuckShop Performer


RPDR Season 4

Ophelia Love.jpeg

Ophelia Love

TuckShop Performer


Not Another Drag Competition: All-Stars Winner



TuckShop Performer



TuckShop Performer


Award winning Drag Queen and rising starlet Poppycock will be at Drag World with her insane vocals and show stopping routines.

Poppycock 1.jpg
Kate Butch.jpg

Kate Butch

Kate Butch, the Comic Sans of Drag, is an award-winning, internationally feared homosexual. She’s like if your mum’s friend Sue discovered memes and then immediately had a nervous breakdown

Holly Stars

Holly is a stand-up comedian who has serious problems with her neighbours. Her husband's in prison for a crime he didn't commit but, don't worry, he's getting out next week. 

Holly Stars.jpg
Lydia L'Scabies.jpg

Lydia L'Scabies

Self proclaimed 'Queen Flea' of Brighton, this internationally acclaimed bimbo has been wailed at in terror and delight across the UK since contraction in 2013

Lydia L'Scabies.jpg

Lydia L'Scabies

Self proclaimed 'Queen Flea' of Brighton, this internationally acclaimed bimbo has been wailed at in terror and delight across the UK since contraction in 2013

Oedipussi Rex

Beardy Drag Barbarian, with acts as unpolished as his sandals and as inconsistent as the Gods themselves! Armed with a kazoo, a glue gun and more facial fuzz than you shake a stick at, Oedipussi Rex is on a mission to spread hairy love across the land! Epic or Tragic? You decide!

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Ellie Diamond.JPG

Ellie Diamond

Ellie Diamond is the dancing diva of Dundee! This Scottish glamazon is pink, perky and always powerful. With a click of her heels she’ll take you to a magical world..... DRAGWORLD! She can’t wait to see all your faces again this year 💕💎

Johnny Bones

Weird, wonderful and out of this world beautiful, something spooky, something kooky and always camp! Johnny will take you to irrelevant cultural phenomenon threw to raw theatrical splendor. This rising star not only has live vocals and moves to blow your socks off but creates extraordinary looks to dazzle her audience. 

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Johnny Bones.jpg


Kyleigh is London's AFAB American (semi)-sweetheart. 50% pop princess, 50% wannabe Broadway diva, 100% total insane person and she will be performing on the DragWorld stage 😍


Created by three Award winning international female artists: Lolo Brow, Lilly Snatchdragon and  Scarlett O’Hora! They promise to be every bit as Loud as it is dripping with Jaw-to-the-floor style talent.

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
LADS-The Bush - Ali Wright-5 copy.jpg
Soroya Marchelle.jpg

Soroya Marchelle

Soroya is fierce, glamour, powerhouse QUEEN! Serving you a tight lip sync and show stopping performances.The names on everyone's lips?... Soroya Marchelle! 🔥

Cara Melle

This Southern Peach is bound to bring beauty, elegance, glamour catering to every sexuality. She is a High Energy performer, lip syncing her way through London and sure to stop the show with her Beyoncé Impersonations! 🤩

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Cara Melle.jpeg


The Afropunk princess, Baby, uses her dance background and love of Electronic music to carve her own identity in the contemporary drag scene. After beginning her career opening for Alyssa Edwards, Baby has built a reputation for slick choreography, hard-hitting mixes and looks to die for 🔥

Rhyss Pieces

Rhyss Pieces is a one person cabaret troupe from east London. They are a dancer; rapper; lip syncer; host ; gender-bending drag act and burlesque artist who is capable of terrific fierceness or exquisite softness. Over the last 3 years they have risen through the London scene

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Rhyss Pieces.jpg


“It’s Tayce. That’s all”

Honey Foxx

This cunning beauty the elusive Miss Foxx is ready to wow you all on the stage at Drag World 2019. She is sweet to the touch, sticky in places. She is Honey the Foxx.

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Honey Foxx.jpg
Margo Marshall.JPG

Margo Marshall

Known for her explosive moves, seductive lipsyncs and glamorous androgynous looks!WARNING don’t leave her alone with your husband. Or father.

Rococo Chanel

Performing internationally and throughout the UK, Rococo brings a unique brand of character work, inspired by anything from children’s television, to cult horror classics, taking beloved characters and presenting them as you’ve never seen before.

Oedipussi Rex 2.jpeg
Cookie MonStar.jpeg

Cookie MonStar

Stage, screen & T.V - she’s done it all. She can also rap & sing whilst doing a headstand. Starting in NYC in the 90’s, she made a name for herself in the bars & clubs of Manhattan & even performed at the legendary Wigstock.

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