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Below is a list of items that are prohibited at Dragworld 2019.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive and both Security and the Dragworld
organising team reserve the right to refuse entry to any person they feel may cause harm to Dragworld visitors, exhibitors and performers.


  • Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon

  • Any items which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person

  • Alcohol

  • Illegal Substances

  • Glass

  • Unidentifiable Substances

  • Nitrus Oxide and any associated equipment (Balloons, Co2 dispensers,
    cream dispensers)

  • Legal Highs

  • Portable Laser Equipment and Pens

  • Animals (Other than Guide Dogs or Hearing Dogs)

  • Fireworks/Pyrotechnics

  • Any Good unauthorised for trading

  • Aerosols over 250ml

  • Airhorns and megaphones

  • Medication (if its not accompanied by a doctors note/prescription or if it is norecognisable and identifiable by name)

  • Leatherman multi tools

  • Professional cameras that haven’t been given permission from the Organisers

There will be bag searches and scanners before entering the convention. Anyone attempting to bring any prohibited items into the venue will be refused entry. If anyone is seen to be acting inappropriately or in an abusive manner then DragWorld staff and security have the right to eject you from the event.

If have a question, email

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